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6. BALPAQ® agricultural stretchfilm

BALPAQ®    -    agricultural stretchfilm

     Made with the highest quality virgin materials:
Types: Film width in mm:
250 500 750
Film lenght in m:
1.800 1.800 1.500
96 48 40
Colors: white, green, black

The film is delivered in plastic cores that are 100% recyclable and resistant to environmental humidity without collapsing.

The reels are individually packed in cardboard boxes for protected and easy transport.
Technical information:   Film average thickness (mm): 25 my
UV-resistance: 12 month
Quality: blown, co-extruded film
Elongation: -up to 70 %
The high level of resistance to perforation guarantees that the film is capable of withstanding the pressure of dry stalks, even at time of filling with a high concentration of dry materials.

In all cases it is recommended that you wrap the round bales with a minimum of 6 layers of film.




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